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by:Real Fine     2020-06-19
Harare's Climate Meeting the parameters of a typical tropical climate, Harare experiences mainly two seasons. Hot and dry months of April to October invite you to have an exceptional tour of the wildlife. On the contrary, hot and humid season of November to March lets you explore the beautiful sights of the city. You can book cheap flights to Harare depending on the seasons suiting your preferences. Top Rated Tourist Spots in Harare Harare is not only the political, but also the commercial hub of Zimbabbwe. Boasting some of the best landmarks and unforgettable tourist spots, this city serves you at the fullest. You can board flights to Harare from leading international airports of the world. Here is a list of some of the enchanting tourist destinations in Harare. Kick off your journey in Harare by visiting the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. This beautiful gallery entices you with a contemporary collection of art pieces gathered from nooks and corners of the country. A major part of this gallery comprises open spaces where exhibitions are held at regular intervals. You can book cheap flights to Harare by availing the services of an online travel agency. Harare's panoramic views can be clicked from your camera by visiting the Kopje Hill. A granite one, this hill leaves you enigmatic with the scenes that you witness standing over its top. Moreover, this place is not yet discovered by many of the tourists so it still retains the natural splendor for which it is known. Book Harare flights to roam around some best African tourist spots. If you have boarded flights to Harare, you simply cannot afford to miss a visit to the Victoria Falls. Tranquil beauty of this waterfall where mystic water plummets down to a height of 350 feet is a feast to your eyes and all other senses. Get your body and soul drenched in sprinkling waters of one of the most striking falls of the world by booking cheap flights to Harare now. Eating and Shopping in Harare Harare offers you a subtle dining experience owing to the variety of delicacies served to its visitors. While taking a stroll of the popular streets, you can gorge upon the authentic African dishes which will surely please your palate. To have an awesome shopping experience in the city, visit the Mbare Market. Name an item which you cannot shop from this market. You can pick up a variety of hand-crafted items, carved paintings, masks, and other souvenirs to be gifted as token and love of appreciation to your loved ones. Plan your itinerary with the help of an online travel agency to have an implausible holidaying experience in the city. Right from booking Harare flights to arranging your stay in the city, a travel agency will do it all for you.
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