Thailand called exotic more out of habit. Even the tourist

by:Real Fine     2020-06-19
Phuket The largest and most popular Thai island always gets in the desired direction list at number one. Love to Phuket feel not only the common people, but Hollywood stars, so that no beach here - the story of the next survey. In brochures Phuket is often mentioned as the island is almost wild. So it is - 70 percent of the really covered by impassable forests, but they do not learn because there are still no beaches, no coconuts. The other 30 percent - the exact opposite of natural forests. Despite the dozens of daily flights landing at Phuket still has quiet corners where you can take a walk on the beach alone. But even in such places is always a couple of boats anchored just to the photos are more idealistic. Of good sand, perfectly clear water, lush palm hats do not even have to talk. In Thailand, this set - a modest minimum, without which no cost, no one popular area. The only disadvantage of Phuket - is planning of the streets. Direct access to the beach are mostly luxury five star hotels. All the others are either across the street from the beach, or a little further inland, which of course as a whole does not affect the level of happiness going wild all holiday makers. Center of life of Phuket - in Patong. Here, shopping, transvestite show, tour companies selling tours for the day, restaurants, cafes and bars, fruit from carts and pancakes with chocolate spread - in short, all the indispensable attributes of the popular Thai resort. People come here to earn money and motivated young Thai lady, here the money lavishly spending tourists who can afford anything. In Patong party rattle till morning, and breakfast is served until evening. Samui Every year on Samui is becoming more difficult to find a small house away from the tourist bustle and all the more difficult to stay in an expensive hotel - the demand is there and on the other site. The only reason why Samuel did not yet take so many tourists as fit in Phuket - it is a private island's airport. In high season ticket from Bangkok to Koh Samui can be extortionate prices - a sad result of monopoly to the runway. International charter flights to Samui, either. Those looking for a cheap life on Samui, arriving by ferry, after having passed 12 o'clock train or bus from the capital. The largest and most popular beach of the island - Chaweng - even in high season can not be called a crowded place for everybody. At high tide the sand much narrower band, but the sea appears decent depth. The rest of the time to go for a swim, have a decent first walk, making Chaweng favorite couples with young children. At night on the beaches, local restaurants put up long tables with delicacies, so just strolling along the beach tourists sometimes just fold the neck. The second most popular beach of Koh Samui - Lamai. It differs from Chaweng more yellow sand and perilous infrastructure. Someone so still quite like, every night someone lavishly taxi driver goes splash out on city streets. Overall, the landscape of Koh Samui is more uniform than in Phuket. Center of the island is wild, but on the whole coastal area there are the beaches: some more equipped, some quite deserted, but everyone has their own unique charm. Pattaya Pattaya has a surprisingly good asphalt. In asphalt rolled all that is possible: the golden sands and gentle grace. Gasket asphalt felled palm trees, smooth as glass asphalt lined the roads, even in the farthest corner of the city. On these roads ideal for walking about Asian parade and languid tourists with wet spots on the leotard shirts. Around the paved asphalt and tied pattayskaya life. Pattayskie women carry the food, clean room, standing behind the counter Seven eleventh, revolves around a pole, hit each other in the boxing ring for the amusement of the audience, first aid navernuvshimsya the bike tour and do other organizational work. The second half of the tourists do: swimming in the sea, eat red snepperov not forgetting manners promakivayut sponge white napkins, go shopping, falling from the bike at the end of the day, drink a Mai Tai, Singapore Sling, considering the peacock costumes on stage. Everything else is Pattaya's business. Best Sea - it is certainly not here, and some parts of Pattaya have to go across the sea to the neighboring island of paradise pictures of deserted beaches with swings made just not here, reserves and zoos Pattaya no different from their counterparts in other islands. Ask from then here is impassable crowd? It's all about the money. Pattaya - the closest resort to Bangkok, and then here is the cheapest transfer, more charters. And also a lot of cheap hotels, army Russian-speaking guides, rich smell of corruption, but without the vulgarity. For those who first appeared in Thailand, a low-fat Asian extravagance only joy for those who love partying and does not want to pay more for tickets - Pattaya too, looks like a dream. Phangan The beauty of Phangan - in his wildly. Feel the spirit of freedom, who came to the island with tourists-hippies. On Phangan no such choice souvenirs, tours and bars, as near to it Samui, but no crowds of visitors, and it is possible to almost completely alone to swim in the ocean. Generally on Phangan can be poisoned by fumes in full: ride of the night on Koh Samui with a drunk driver's boat, hang out in the bushes with a stranger, to join the competition in the writing of the sea - but all these pleasures only Full Moon Party or party is half - Half Moon Party . At other times, it is better to act more modest: just living in a cheap bungalow, trying to explore the island on rough roads - agree, too, great fun, especially against the rolled asphalt in Pattaya. Here it is best to lead a regular life away from the tourist boom, but the island is not so far away from civilization, so there did not know the recipe mojito. In Thailand, the few places that can compete with the brothers of Phi Phi for the title of the most beautiful. They are covered with white sand, gentle as whipped cream, they are washed turquoise water, one that remains clear even when the depth reaches ten meters, they fenced off from the outside world with powerful cliffs. This beauty from which the breath, and that seems to happen only in glossy magazines, up to 2004 has been built makeshift hotels. Locals find out how much money you can earn from renting out accommodation in a perfect coast, joined the fight for land and customers. Phi Phi places began to resemble a noisy student party at the chic bar. In 2004, from the Indian Ocean to the islands hit by the worst tsunami in modern history, and killed most of the homes, along with guests, partially restoring sight to the pristine island. The government banned the construction of hotels and is obliged to take out the garbage tourists from the island and dispose of it outside of the national park, which was Phi Phi Island. In little less than ten years, and everything was back to normal, except that there are more five-star hotels. Flights from nearby Phuket and Krabi are increasing, and no one remembers the people who cleaned out the island from the wreckage and struggled to allow only one-day park entrance. Commerce won the desire to preserve the heritage, and stops the flow of tourists only that live on Phi Phi is costly and can only get to by ferry. Besides the pleasure to swim at the beach, which went to Leonardo DiCaprio and contemplate nature, fairly full of tourists, where you can swim with scuba diving, snorkeling or do eat gourmet soup swallow eggs, which take young mom swallows nimble-Thais. All in the same pursuit of profit. Krabi - the golden mean between two popular Phuket and Phi Phi bohemian. Unlike many tourist islands where locals come as a rotational assignment, Krabi meet everyday Thai life. Joiners machined boats for fishermen, shrimp fishermen get out of his tight infinite networks, fried shrimp with rice buys a young Thai, who immediately surrounded by a crowd sits watching Thai real Thai boxing without the glamor, and finished eating, he reluctantly returns to his tuk-tuk and goes to the busy streets of Krabi, carry tourists on their tourist business. I do not think you know that the food chain do without tourists? In the end, we should never forget who the purse. For tourist Krabi perfect destination: swimming in the protected lagoons, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, exotic shopping Uttarakit-Road, national park, beautiful monasteries, ethnological museums, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and even rent kayaker, if you do not want to paddle. There is an endless selection of tours and one day, when the island will become the family that wants something new.
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