The advantages and characteristics of resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-08-15
Resin handicraft is the use of a resin as the main raw material, and through the use of the mold, molding production, made from a variety of different with the appreciation of the beautiful sex, the image of the art. This kind of resin handicraft in the face of object is the main character, animal, such as mountain waterscape in a variety of different simulation results, showing a variety of different artistic characteristics. Resin handicraft mainly refers to the practical, have artistic value, is a kind of handmade art. According to the development of now, large resin handicraft raw materials are usually resin, powder, color paste, can fill the resin for intermediate fertilizer. According to the different characteristics of the art can show the resin handicraft production process, as well as further skilled now in arts and crafts, thus promotes the further development of related industries, now increases the artistic value. Resin is usually refers to the scope of heated after soften or melt, softened under the action of external force has a tendency to flow, when the temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be a liquid organic polymer. Strictly speaking, the structure of the resin is a kind of phenolic chemical species has a lot of, is widely used in our light industry and heavy industry, our daily life also often time to, such as plastic, resin lenses, paint, resin. Resin has a natural resin and synthetic resin. Natural resin is to point to by the animals and plants in the nature secretion of amorphous organic material, such as rosin, amber, shellac, etc. Synthetic resin is to point to by some simple organic compounds by chemical synthesis or natural products by the reaction of a chemical resin products. Resin hot drill main products series include: environmental protection resin environmental hot drilling, resin, resin hot drilling, environmental hot drilling, resin imitation Austria section drill cross section in the Middle East drilling, the drill, special-shaped diamond, smooth drilling, water droplets, heart-shaped, horse eye, peach central drill, circular and so on all kinds of resin hot drilling. Austrian aspects of all sorts of hot resin drill and copy drill cross section in the Middle East drilling, using imported technology production, the full range, quality first-class. To produce section resin drilling, glossy resin and special resin drill and so on various shapes; Products with high precision, good brightness, edges and corners clear, not easy to wear and tear, not easy scratches, color is rich, diverse shape effect, natural environmental protection, etc.
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