The beautiful and quaint city of Cardiff is a

by:Real Fine     2020-06-22
Since its inception as a city in 1905 and the proclamation as the capital city of Wales in 1955 the, city of Cardiff has grown into a really nice destination. The cityscape has an easy mix of the ancient and contemporary mix of architecture that defines the city. The best way to travel whist here is by Car Hire Cardiff. You will be able to quickly drive to the most interesting places. One of the most beautiful landmarks in the city is the Cardiff City Hall. This majestic monument was built with Portland stone and it is a great representation of the royal beauty in Cardiff. It was one of the preliminary buildings in Cardiff pertaining to the local government. The building clearly portrays the English and the French Renaissance architectural excellence. The building has marble statues of the most celebrated Welsh personalities like Boudicca, Saint David, Gerald of Wales, Henry the seventh and so on. Next, you can take the car hire Cardiff to see some of the other impressive areas of the city. The urban half of the capital has state-of-art buildings and amazing business houses with excellently designed architecture. The rural half of the city is distinctly characterized by beautiful houses, parks and so on. The existence of the villages and the green patch areas add beauty to the city in a distinct manner. The tourists must visit the Llandaff Cathedral, beautifully located in the suburbs of the city. With a car hire Cardiff, you will easily be able to drive outside of the downtown area. This religious and architectural beauty has been built in the memory of three Welsh saints namely Dyfrig, Teilo and Euddogwy. This majestic beauty amazes all the tourists that visit the venue. It is a true Roman Catholic shrine. The Tiger Bay vicinity is one of the busiest and wonderful areas in the Cardiff. The eminent and imposing coal exchange building is worth viewing. Millions of tourists visit the city every year. The famous and exotic hotels, scenic locations, mesmerizing architectural heritage of the city attracts people all over the world. You can make your way there with a car hire Cardiff to enjoy one of the most sought after tourist destinations.
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