The Celosia plant is available in a variety of

by:Real Fine     2020-06-24
Cockscomb is an annual flower that can be found within a small subspecies of tropical plants commonly known as the Celosia family. These particular plants are accustomed to bright sunlight and prefer moderate amounts of water. They can be easily sown into a garden during the spring season which is the best time because it is after the danger zone of the frost period. For earlier blooms of the Celosia plant the seeds can be sown in a safer indoor environment. The seeds for the Celosia can be easily bought from your local or online retailers. For those that do not want to wait, dried Celosia flowers can also be purchased in a variety of beautiful colors. An average Celosia flower grows between approximately 2.5 to 3 feet in height. There are tinier dwarf species available that grow no more than about a foot in height. Countless botanical gardens utilize Celosia for breathtaking displays that can be easily seen from long distances away. This is because of the vibrancy of the flowers. The visual effect of these plants is stunning when planted in large groups together. The flowers of the Celosia plant come in the most vivid colors imaginable which include burgundy, pink, rose and cream. This gives much more choices to anyone with a creative imagination on how to best use this wonderful flower. As a result of the Celosia Cockscomb being available in so many colors, they are often used in dried flower arrangements as their natural dry texture makes them an excellent choice for drying. They are a favourite to crafters as well since they seem to retain their colors for prolonged periods of time. In order to get the best drying results the flowers should be picked after all the dew has evaporated leaving no moisture behind. You then remove all the leaves from the stems and then use rubber bands to tie them in loose clusters of about 5-6 stems. Afterwards they should be hung upside-down to dry in a well-ventilated area that is not directly under sunlight. This is because the sun can bleach out the colors which will detract from the natural beauty of the plant. Drying the flowers hanging upside-down is preferred but an alternative to that is to stand them up in a vase to dry. The only issue with this method is they tend to droop a bit. Some people even like to press them within the pages of large books for later use in crafts. Celosia flowers are also very popular in bridal bouquets or as center pieces on a table. Because of their unique look they can be used as a stand-alone piece or paired together with other species of flowers to add variety. As we can see, the Celosia flower is admired for its beauty and variety of colors and has become increasingly popular amongst gardeners and crafters alike. For avid gardeners, the Celosia plant is a versatile plant that looks great in a garden as well as in a vase. For the crafting enthusiasts, the Celosia Cockscomb is a fantastic addition to any crafting project or flower arrangement when properly dried. The only limit to its use is one's imagination.
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