The city of Atlanta is a fantastic location for

by:Real Fine     2020-06-16
The World of Coca-Cola is a good spot to take your family to find out facts about the history of the beverage as well as the brand. It can be more than simply historically significant though, because you can observe a totally operating bottling line, go to the 4D movie theater with moving 3D seats, or sample one of the 60 kinds of Coca-Cola that are produced throughout the world. They also have the biggest assortment of Coke souvenirs and an amazing pop culture gallery. You can't come to Atlanta without visiting Fernbank Museum. The long-term exhibits, like the dinosaurs in Giants of the Mesozoic and even Sensing Nature which reveals precisely how our sensory faculties play a role in the interpretation of our surroundings, tend to be a favorite to children and grownups alike. They also have special displays that are there for a specific time. Plus, the five-story IMAX Theater has something for the entire family to experience. One other popular Atlanta attraction is the zoo. The Atlanta Zoo is open 363 days a year and is a good spot to view animals from all parts of the planet, such as tigers from the African plains, gorillas from the rain forest, and even pandas from the Asian woodland. You will see just about any kind of animal you are interested in at the Atlanta Zoo. Additionally, they host numerous different varieties of activities and learning programs in the course of the year. One of the latest Atlanta attractions may be the Georgia Aquarium. This is among the biggest aquariums across the country and houses roughly 500 different types of marine life. The aquarium is split up in a number of galleries which center around the Atrium. One of the most magnificent creatures within the aquarium is located in the cold water quest area - a Beluga whale. You'll discover almost any sea creature you are searching for in the Georgia Aquarium. They also have a wonderful experience known as Journey with Gentle Giants. With this attraction you are able to swim or dive with the biggest fish on the planet, the whale shark. There is an extra fee with this adventure but it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can find numerous Atlanta attractions that will entertain and educate travellers to the city. You could come and wander through history at the World of Coca-Cola, discover an extinct giant at Fernbank museum, watch the Pandas play at the Atlanta Zoo or even go to the world's biggest aquarium. When you are done with all of these adventures you may be back for more. With a little bit of research it is easy to plan a vacation to Atlanta that will cover all the attractions that interest you the most. More to the point, you can be sure that the whole family has an enjoyable time in the city. It might take a little work ahead of time, but you with thankful you took the time when you arrive.
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