The concept of resin handicraft design resources

by:Real Fine     2020-08-24
Resin handicraft design resources is in the real social conditions to create motivation and resin handicraft design and creation of the sum of various factors. It is the foundation of the resin handicraft production and development. Resin crafts design resources can be a reality in the form of material entity, such as the landscapes and figures. They may also be a spirit, historical and cultural factors. Through the resin handicraft design and production, can produce social and economic benefits. Resin handicraft design resources include two aspects: subject and application resources. Our designer attractive natural phenomena and human life, human factors, historical and cultural heritage, or any other factors may constitute a resin handicraft design resources. Social progress and improve life, science and technology development. Increased communication can be expanded resin handicraft design resources. Resources are the basic structure of the resin handicraft design is very large, it involves the social history, culture, science and technology, aesthetics, art, psychology, economy, and many other aspects. The traditional culture. Folk customs, all kinds of festivals, famous mountains and great rivers, local specialties and so on is extremely rich design resources. To the attention of the resin handicraft design resources is the needs of the development of resin resin handicraft design.
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