The definition and classification of crystal crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-08-28
Crystal crafts, with its glittering and translucent connect fully, the characteristics of the nobility is elegant, bright is dazzing, as well as the unique fashion and elegant, such people's love, but also because of crystal handicraft has high appreciation value and collection value, so now also raised a hot wave of gifts and crystal gifts. Therefore, understanding classification and significance of crystal crafts, very helpful for the giver. A definition of crystal crafts, crystal crafts, is made of crystal material adornment, in contemporary household life, bright is dazzing crystal crafts, with its unique fashion and elegant expression with special passion and artistic taste, such is love, colorful, is glittering and translucent get rid of its gorgeous, described a delicate crystal craftworks which contains ideas and complex manual craft, loved by numerous of people. Second, the classification of crystal handicraft in the present, crystal crafts main classification of crystal trophy MEDALS, crystal inside carving, crystal vase, crystal vase, crystal perfume bottles, crystal bowl, chopsticks, crystal crystal painting, screen, crystal ball, crystal office supplies and so on hundreds of tens of thousands of kinds of style, here is detailed to introduce the classification of crystal crafts: 1. According to material crystal handicraft according to materials can be divided into natural crystal gifts with artificial crystal gifts, then the corresponding made careful, can be divided into crystal class. 2. According to the production process points according to the production process is divided into the crystal white embryo gifts, crystal gifts gifts, crystal sculpture. 3. Decorated according to use adornment points according to utility cent is crystal office supplies, crystal pendant, crystal ornaments, crystal furnishing articles, crystal ashtray, crystal perfume bottles, crystal photo frame and so on. 4. Molding molding divided into crystal music box, crystal zodiac series, crystal trophy, crystal trophy, crystal office furnishing articles, crystal pen container series, crystal tableware, crystal tea sets, crystal lamp, crystal lamp, crystal chandeliers, crystal vase, crystal tableware, crystal iceberg series, crystal image series, crystal plate series, etc.
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