The difference between the arts and crafts and art

by:Real Fine     2020-08-26
Arts and crafts and art has the very big difference, art artistic value is higher than the artistic value of the arts and crafts, so art market price should be much higher than that of arts and crafts market price. But in the art market, many people take handicraft selling price, also have a lot of people spent a lot of money, buy the arts and crafts of value is not high. Ministry of culture art development center art appraisal committee of fujian after many years of experience of art appraisal, summarizes the distinction between art and crafts principles, aims to standardize the order of the art trade, guide the art lovers collection value and potential of art. 1 a, art characteristics. Originality of original works of art is to point to by an artist or producer made personally and dominate the complete works of art. 2. Uniqueness refers to the uniqueness of art by an artist or producer made personally and dominate the complete works of art, including imitation, reproduction. 3. But the art of the beautiful sex refers to the properties of beauty, with beauty of universality, reflects the era. Second, arts and crafts arts and crafts with reproducible, features are copies or reproductions of works of art. ( Is this, 3 d printing work can also through the 3 d printer replication) Because the artwork has originality, uniqueness, but beauty, so the artistic value of the art and market price is much higher than handicraft. Like a piece of work conforms to the originality, uniqueness and beauty but at the same time, as a work of art; On the other hand, is regarded as arts and crafts.
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