The effect of the lion furnishing articles and implication

by:Real Fine     2020-08-21
The lion is the king of beasts, and placed them in front of the palace, government, and government, with a sublime, a group of beast presence, with the symbol of the feudal emperors and honour and power. In life, we often can see a lot about the lion's furnishing articles, and for the role of the lions furnishing articles and many friends are not very understanding! The lion furnishing articles: a, ward off evil spirits, the ancients think stone lions are demons can ward off evil spirits, so the earliest used for guarding the tomb. The idea of a spirit beast. In people's folk life, stone lions guarding the door not only, and intersection set stone lions in the country, to a great, ward off evil spirits, pressure is not auspicious to protect the village of peace. So, to the gate with stone lions can avoid nagy, resist those monsters and bring people. Second, 16-month flooding in folk legend, said the lion have the functions of foretell disaster. Say in case of floods or sinking land and other natural disasters, stone lions in the eye becomes red or bleeding, this is the sign of disaster is coming, people can take emergency shelter. Stone lions here peremptory became the prophet of disaster. Three, reveal ancient and powerful in the palace, palace, yamen, stone mansion multi-purpose gatekeepers, shows the master power and greatness, such as Beijing's tiananmen former jinshui riverside two jovian guard imperial city gate two lions all the best. Stone lions will reflect the supreme imperial power, a sublime side is inviolable. Fourth, the art deco differ according to the modelling of the lion, also has its own meaning and function, high officials give throughout your generations, symbolic move onward, career, as a family of curtilage the lion put gatekeepers, can have a great goal exorcism, eliminate the evil curse, pray, a peace family utility. A large and a small lion implies a surname Pacific, meaning a powerful. The moral of the lion furnishing articles: 1, the ancient temple gate entrance stone lions left and right on either side of the mother, watching the lion mouth and faithful; The lion held to protect the child, performance characteristics of the traditional social roles, do their job. 2, the lion's mouth a open a closed, both on behalf of the deep breathing. Zhang is lucky, and is keep closed, money only eat don't spit. Another theory is that they are chanting. 3, lions under hoof tread the ball and is a symbol of the unity of the worldwide, is a symbol of rulers rights. The lioness fondle lion cubs, a symbol of the children of the prosperous reproduction. 4, it is double lion mouth at 45 degrees, happiness and peace. 5, stone lion head bumps, carved by, with the number of amount according to the height of the master position, was the highest in 13, namely one official government engraved with 13 stone lions in front of the head bumps.
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