The fields of resin handicraft?

by:Real Fine     2020-08-10
Plating resin handicraft is the product production process in a series of plating process. Electroplating of resin crafts, high-end atmosphere is the user not only, and its anti-oxidation ability is stronger. The plating technology on a duke guan furnishing articles, coloured drawing or pattern on the surface of the process, the collocation of the duke guan posed by modelling, reveal unique temperament, noble and good-looking! Covering the surface electroplating process, to avoid the effect of oxygen and moisture in the air. At the bottom of the imitation of the wooden base, each engraved with the words' his', more sweet! Plating resin handicraft is more suitable to put in the home or gift giving, unique plating process can meet the personalized needs. And electroplating resin handicraft scope is very broad, more kinds of model products are able to use this kind of technology. Other features: 1. Increase the thickness of the 2 products. Increase the brightness of 3 products. Increase the thermal conductivity with conductive function of the product
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