The five common business conference gifts

by:Real Fine     2020-08-17
Business conference gifts is the relevant units in meeting places in order to strengthen the relationship between each other and business communication the commemorative gift given to each other, usually with sponsor name and logo. Business conference gifts according to the different purposes of different, the different demand, usage, can be roughly divided into the following five categories: a, commemorative gifts, mainly include: various shapes of imitated crystal products, cartoon dolls, pottery and porcelain, crafts, elegant model, craft jewelry and other products, suitable for business conference, sexual activity, large open rally ordinary news media reporters, the general forum guests, individual answer or winning the ordinary audience. 2, office gift mainly include: such as business bag, computer bag, exquisite wallets, belts, leather card holder, tie, pens, etc. , can also be customized usb stick, elegant recreational players, digital cameras, laptops and so on. These products office usability is very strong, very beneficial to the donee repeatedly used in work and life in the future, its biggest advantage is that much more rate and high usability and strong memory, again and again. This kind of gift applies to high-end VIP parties, high-end business meeting BBS a few guests, etc. Three, leisure, gifts mainly include: travel packages, movies, fishing gear packages, elegant, exquisite violet sand earthenware, leisure beach chairs, sports equipment combination packages ( Badminton racket, tennis rackets, table tennis, grip strength rods, etc. ) , be applicable to the specification on the high side, leisure holiday occasions symposium, salon, pen, etc. Four, sponsored gifts are: high-grade red wine, white wine, gift smoke, tea, tea sets and other high-end products, and jun porcelain furnishing articles, leather suitcase, shirt, health care pillow, leisurewear, down jacket, etc. , from the point of the product form, are generally not directly purchase gifts, the organizers are often sponsors, again by the organizers donates the guests and the audience. Applicable to high meeting specifications, BBS, miscellaneous large-scale commercial meeting, the meeting number is more, gift mainly given core VIP and some specific people. Five, the lucky draw gift mainly include: digital cameras, laptops, high-end mobile phone, wireless optical mouse, automobile GPRS, MP3, MP4 and so on digital electronic items, these are usually the organizers, in order to thank customers or dealers. Organizers tend to have intention to not intentional of it, put the right gift duly 'award' to the right people, in order to active the atmosphere, to achieve the goal of thanks to the customer. This kind of gift applies to large banquet, distributors, customers thanks will, corporate annual festival, has made special contributions to a host of special groups.
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