The household design of resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-19
Handicraft as early as in ancient times has been widely used, with the passage of time handicraft has been throughout all aspects of modern life, resin handicraft in recent years, particularly prominent in the industry of household act the role ofing is tasted, its style diversity, and emphasis on decoration, can according to the modern household design considerations: 1. The development of new technology and new material to the influence of resin handicraft design with the development of new technologies, new processes, new materials, technology has a direct impact on the arts and crafts design innovation. With the continuous development of science and technology will create and its corresponding new technology, new technology and new materials, at the same time a major influence on modern design, the combination of science and technology and modern design continuously create new products, and constantly changing people's way of life. People's aesthetic idea, fashion, lifestyle is always around the forward of the rise of science and technology, information age crafts that occupy the home no matter from use, modelling structure, appearance decoration, function or design tools and means speaking will be a brand new concept of a new generation of arts and crafts. 2. Home handicraft product form design elements of color and material is resin handicraft important constituent elements of form design. Color itself can't exist independently in the resin handicraft, it must be attached to the material and form, under the action of light, to render. A perfect resin handicraft, through art form, of composite material skin texture, color, decoration, convey the beauty of the visual and tactile information. Arts and crafts and indoor environment that occupy the home is a whole space, the colour of it shall be the indoor tonal harmony is unified overall environment, resin handicrafts and furniture, lamps and lanterns, etc all have inseparable relationship. In all the color of the resin handicraft design must be unified whole and indoor environment and its use function. 3. Home arts and crafts design and people's life style and cultural form. The diversity of resin handicraft influences the diversity of arts and crafts design that occupy the home. As people living standard rise, arts and crafts that occupy the home is no longer in the traditional sense of the small ornament, it is an important part of the soft environment outfit, reflect master art taste and culture. Handicraft design and household environment that occupy the home to cooperate should be embodied in the decoration style, space, color, light and all aspects of the psychological, but also influenced by people living and cultural forms.
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