The loss of ATA and Aloha Airlines in 2008, coupled

by:Real Fine     2020-06-16
Allegiant plans to fly to Hawaii from smaller cities on the US mainland starting in late 2010. Alaska has recently expanded their routes to Hawaii. Hawaiian Airlines has expanded routes to the US mainland, including a direct Maui to Las Vegas flight, as well as adding new direct flights to Japan and South Korea later this year. Hawaiian also introduced service to the Philippines earlier this year. Hawaiian will begin their service to Haneda Airport in Japan beginning in November. Because they will be flying in and out of Haneda, which is essentially located within Tokyo metropolitan area, it is believed Hawaiian will have an advantage over most other carriers that have to operate out of Narita, which is a 90 minute to 2 hour commute away. Hawaiian plans to launch their non-stop service to Seoul, South Korea in January 2011. All this offers a positive outlook for Hawaii's number one industry. When the number of Hawaii flights grows and when routes expand, they inevitably lower the prices for air fares. This in turn, simulates demand for travel, and when more people travel to Hawaii, it increases the amount of tourist expenditures in the state for hotel rooms, car rentals, taxis, restaurants, souvenirs and so forth. Unlike other mainland tourist destination areas on the mainland, like Orlando, Southern California or Las Vegas, where travelers can arrive by the millions by car, Hawaii, because it is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is highly reliant on air travel for tourism dollars. So the state is highly dependent upon carriers that offer Hawaii flights. Currently, the airlines offering Hawaii flights to and from the US mainland include: Hawaiian, United, American, Delta, Alaska, US Airways and soon, Allegiant. Allegiant will be an interesting addition to the current group of airlines offering Hawaii flights. Allegiant principally serves smaller markets in the US and focuses on flying those who live in these markets to key tourist destinations areas like Orlando, South Florida, Las Vegas and soon, Hawaii. Examples of some of the smaller markets now served by Allegiant include: Stockton, California; Eugene, Oregon; Bozeman, Montana and Wichita, Kansas. Allegiant differentiates itself from other airlines in that they place a great deal of emphasis on selling complete travel packages. So far, Allegiant's business model has proven to be successful and their expansion into the Hawaii market is further validation of that model. The state is also hoping to expand the number of international carriers serving Hawaii. Hawaii flights from international locations include: Air Canada, Westjet, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, China Air, Korean Air, Philippines Air, Air New Zealand and Qantas. The State of Hawaii has been actively recruiting airlines in China to fly to Hawaii. It was hoped that Hainan Airlines, the largest private carrier in China, would establish a direct route to Hawaii, but the plans fell through. Despite this setback, the state is continuing its efforts to lure mainland China carriers to establish direct routes to Hawaii.
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