The material of resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-08-13
Resin handicraft is now very popular a kind of handicraft, in life, we often see handicraft material has glass handicraft, ceramic crafts, wooden crafts, and the sculpture of different material. Resin handicraft is now commonly used in the process of modern office space and home decoration, resin handicraft is better than other materials handicraft? Let us know about the characteristics of 1 resin handicraft, resin process modelling ability is extremely strong, arbitrary shape can be produced, high degree of performance and exquisite, can design the style/color/size as required; 2, resin handicraft, mould cost is low, the hand do development; 3, environmental health, resin handicraft products adopt environmental protection raw material processing production, products comply with European and American export quality standards, completely harmless. Besides resin handicraft in the field of life use is very wide, many times people are by resin material to customize products.
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