The memory of resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-13
Walking in the streets and full of arts and crafts at merchants put out all kinds of resin handicraft carving, very is like, the handicraft is pure manual sculpture, although not completely is delicate and beautiful. Still remember the first time feel when you see this handicraft is very magical, at that time thought that these crafts are at one by one by hand carved, never like this kind of legend, the dragon god beast, but who also didn't seen at the beginning at the sight of it had bought impulse, after asked the businessman, just understand those crafts are made of resin, at that time also didn't know this is on the one hand, only is resin wood is a nickname, after asked the businessman is not very expensive, and decisive bought the universal longteng carved dragon furnishing articles. When once again saw the street full of resin handicraft arts and crafts, exclamation time without the blink, at the same time, also understand this resin is not nickname of lumber, it is the heat after soften or melt, softened under the action of external force has a tendency to flow, when the room temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be a liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, can be of any polymers as raw materials for the plastic products processing are called resin, and the so-called resin handicraft is pouring into the specific mold after curing after grinding, polishing process become a finished product, high plasticity, high transparency, can be recorded and processed into various shapes, also can allocate a luminous effect of transparent and opaque colours, etc. , the biggest advantage is that you can also put all kinds of metal, plastic, hourglass, photographs, and printing in all sorts of characters, design, is the ideal choice for all kinds of handicrafts, souvenirs, promotional items. However, for resin handicraft is full of love, regardless of the material elements, its work bin is not worse than any carving handicraft, also it will not because the size of the material, and limit the heart love originally the large size of furnishing articles.
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