The mythical wild animal taboo and matters needing attention

by:Real Fine     2020-08-26
The mythical wild animal culture has a long history in China, the origin is divided, more uniform is the mythical wild animal is the dragon of nine children, mainly for the gold and silver jewelry, not only, can be used for lucky, and since the western han dynasty, about the mythical wild animal is recorded in the main effect is lucky, keep, and peace, marriage. What, then, using the mythical wild animal in plutus taboo? Take a look at below! If one, the mythical wild animal for fortune, and put the best to is to the rich, an image of this means that absorb the prosperous wealth. Reminded, though the mythical wild animal can sifang money, however, if the mythical wild animal will toward the direction of the goods, as well as' one ', He Cai have? Second, if the mythical wild animal for hoarding wealth, put its best position's coffers, means goods to keep the like of. Friends here told you reason is not the mythical wild animal at home anywhere in the prosperous wealth, there is no universal standard of truth, which is prosperous wealth not in the mythical wild animal. More than three, mainly pay attention to strengthen the emotional communication with the mythical wild animal, for instance, more than touch it, touch it, clean it, and so on. Does not and will therefore people of the so-called 'flashy' touch to the mythical wild animal, affect the mythical wild animal, and can only be you and its feelings more deep and it can help you use; Curtilage master be sure to know who is the person who is the beast, who is the Lord who is the servant of the principle. Four, mainly reflected in the mythical wild animal due respect, for example, verbal respect, not to say 'buy' and said 'please'; Because of the mythical wild animal feed on money, therefore, when to need to put a little money in the vicinity of for its food eloth, but shoulds not be too much money, more is its full without as. Everything is the trade-off, is lost, there is no such thing as a free lunch, to coin for the mythical wild animal feed eloth reflects the as far as possible with minimum pay for into an image of the biggest benefit. Five, the configuration of the mythical wild animal can make appropriate standards, for example, a hard push with its back legs of the mythical wild animal its implication for the actions, etc. Of course, the specific standards can be combined with actual situation of the main. No matter the mythical wild animal is kick, and heavily, grin word, or with flexibly, and so on, we the mythical wild animal, please keep in mind that the most key point, bureau of suitable for their own life is the most important; Six, the direction of the mythical wild animal is put on its head, not on the seat, door, bed and so on, which can not be on the house advocate often sit, lie and work space, so as to avoid accidentally curtilage master yourself, and may even absorb curtilage master windfall. Although the mythical wild animal for god beast, but it is, after all, beast. 7, the mythical wild animal prosperous finance will cooperate curtilage master life. Generally speaking, life's wealth and the weak people, or kill flourishing printing weak people avoid is used a the mythical wild animal lucky, because of the mythical wild animal without the anus, the primary goods, is this fortune to grow like easy to intensify fortune and life of the main strength of unbalance degree, rather than a fierce. Life's so curtilage master it is best to use keep mascot put instead of fortune, make sure not to let money loss. Eight, the mythical wild animal without the anus, attracting money, never out, is from the negative sense, this is a kind of excessive 'lust' psychological for money. With Yin Yang, into it, god's truth, otherwise, the imbalance of Yin and Yang, could eventually do more harm than good. Therefore, all with the mythical wild animal lucky, and has a kind heart, generosity and greed of avoid by all means.
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