The problems that should pay attention to choose gifts custom company

by:Real Fine     2020-08-20
With the development of modern commercial society economy, the exclusive gift custom are becoming more common, so, we need to pay attention to when choosing gifts custom company what are the problems? A, time and budget in choosing a company must clear its own budget, product demand, the intention of giving, purchasing quantity and delivery time, so that custom gift company can better offer to you. Two gift custom, custom design validation is required for companies in advance to give you design a custom printed on brand and logo design, and contact and communication. Before design custom preview and confirm, send pictures have to be sent in high-definition format, as far as possible so as not to affect design and is seal up the gap of feeling, cause unnecessary disputes. Third, the sample must look at the sample, a product with the sample of the finished product and packaging design of the samples are need to look at. 4, delivery time and delivery mode in before production must confirm their delivery time and delivery way, and indicated in the contract. Five, the down payment before mass customization is the need to prepare 50% of total amount of the deposit, this is generally not less, of course, is not block you pay more. Six, the balance payment pay to remit balance payment in time before shipment, lest affect delivery time. At the same time, along with the balance payment pay, merchants need to customize a timely delivery. In the development of society, the demand for gift enlarged at the same time, the quality of gifts is also more and more high. In the process of cooperation with custom gift company must pay attention to, don't be careless omission.
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