The production of resin handicraft skills

by:Real Fine     2020-08-12
How resin handicraft production ability is both simple and good-looking, can batch production? Resin handicraft as a slightly upscale handicraft, it is not particularly popular, but a lot of people especially like making and put. So the resin handicraft is how to make? How to maintain? The shape of the resin handicraft design, and then made of silicone rubber mold. There are many special process, but also in unsaturated resin stir in proper packing and symmetry and looked at such a grade handicraft, how should maintain? Because the arts and crafts is need more cleaning, polishing and light to take light put a lot of arts and crafts, shape basically not quite same, material is resin, materials like glass, but not glass. Resin handicraft, must take put down light, models are complex, a lot of places have sharp corners, if touched a small place, not like other products can be repaired, if a little bit bad, is the second order. Do arts and crafts, the last working procedure and cleaning, it needs to be clean water cannons. 1, at last let's simple said two problems of resin handicraft furnishing articles polishing in daily life, if find resin handicraft furnishing articles gloss is not enough, can be used in the surface layer of resin handicraft brush coated with a layer of wax polish, the polish with a towel. Or a fabric containing wax or containing fat wipe. 3, the storage of resin handicraft furnishing articles like this kind of products is the most afraid of be the sun, so there is no place to put it in the sun, cracking or after a long time will happen. Second, nor will it in a very damp place. In the special wet environment, individual resin because of material, easy to 'MAO' produce mildew. If, in the home have high-grade resin art, can put it on the furniture of the sitting room, ensure the reach of the sun.
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