The role of jade ruyi furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-08-27
Jade is considered a lucky flexibly, in ancient China court plays a very important role in the life. Every major festivals, nobles and officials pressed jade ruyi. Acceded to the throne as a mascot, whenever a new emperor, the emperor wedding, when the emperor queens birthday, jade ruyi become indispensable gift - more - Emperor and minister to lay 'wishes, congratulations on the new prosperous, all the best. Best clever union on modelling the lotus and the lotus root morphology, lotus root carving number section at one end, sculpture at the centre of the blooming lotus flower, lotus shape is visible and on this basis, a lovely, lifelike sculpture frog, along with the coo of a frog, the seeds of love on earth, seed germination and flower, blossom and bear fruit, fruit and seed, seed blossom, vividly reveals the causal origin of all things between heaven and earth wisdom, blessing in the world in such a causal origin can get happiness. Apply to friends, relatives in town. On the subject of countless flexibly, with mandarin duck carving, implication yuanyang, darling, for wedding gifts. Peanuts, peach, longevity fruit on design in carving, implication was 1, are the most common. And guanyin, bergamot, intended to bless the people all the best. The 'best' head was carved two persimmon, persimmon ' 'with' things' homophones, for all the best. If satisfied with ginseng engraving, as the name implies, life fortunes. Jade ruyi since ancient times as a mascot, especially for family couples harmony, coordinated relationship. Ruyi cannot be put in the window, door, because of luck as an auspicious spirit, it slip afraid afraid of scattered go away, so let's put it in the bedroom or put in some secret place. In addition, it also can resolve work not equal to idea, minus the dog breath.
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