The three cultural elements of craft gift

by:Real Fine     2020-09-02
Craft gift is for a set of process value and artistic value of art. Arts and crafts including sort is more, from folk art, also has from the technology of the system. Arts and crafts are welcome by all of us, which contains the unique Chinese culture connotation is particularly important. A, traditional craft: the inheritance and development of the art technology, is a kind of traditional technology, has a long history in China, technology constantly update and perfect, make the modern technology. Since the ancient times, arts and crafts, with its elegant appearance, attracted people's attention and interest, the market is very active. Chinese craft gift to present the way more rich, the cost is low, so often appear in people's life, can be accepted by the public and the inheritance and development. Second, condensed wisdom: the combination of creative and artistic handicraft is the crystallization of the wisdom of people, embodies the art workers mental and physical labor, not only conforms to the need of real life, and embodies the characteristics of art, is a combination of creative and artistic quality. Handicrafts are divided into different types, each species have corresponding social groups, these groups to the creation and development of these crafts continuously to adapt to the needs of era and society. Handicraft is common, also has the particularity, this is due to the different regions of the results of the working people to create. Commonality is the art of similar value and artistic quality, and particularity is produced by its own material, technique, structure, shape, creation intention, affective communication and use value. Three, close to the real life: arts and crafts from life is a kind of art, art comes from real life, and higher than the real life. The creation of the arts and crafts from the real life, is not from real life. Crafts was created in the development of social life on the one hand, on the one hand is to cater to the need of the society, all of the arts and crafts are around the life of people. Many modelling design, arts and crafts drawn from real life, such as there are many crafts are animals or plants as the prototype. Some of handicraft is produced to cater to the needs of life, such as traditional embroidery and preparation work. Some of handicraft is people to cater to their spiritual needs, such as painting and arts and crafts, etc. Craft gift whether caused by what, ultimately comes from the real life.
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