The unknown beauty

by:Real Fine     2020-07-05
Few people have heard of Cabo de Gata and even fewer visit it. This small part of Spain is so beautiful that you will think you are in paradise once you step onto its territory. A very precise itinerary will take you from a village famous for its crafts to the typical arid landscapes of Andalusia. A few stops in fishing villages will be enough to give you the opportunity to admire the mountains and the sea. Most of this region is part of Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park. Starting the journey Nijar is the starting point in this special journey. The village is famous for its crafts. It is a typical Almerian village, with the houses crowded on the slopes of the Sierra de Alhamilla. The top of the hill is dominated by an old church, dating back to the XVth century; the church has an impressive Mudejar ceiling. When you are in Nijar, you must not miss the Plaza de Mercado. From there you can go down the main street, which is crowded with shops that sell jarapas (carpets and blankets made of wool and cotton), ceramic objects and baskets made of rigid herbs. Just 12 kilometers away, the Cabo de Grata Nijar Natural Park has its gates open for the tourists. The road will first take you through a low sierra, with vegetation that contains yucca, cactuses and olives. You will reach Bocca de los Frailes and, while there, take your time to visit the stone, igloo shaped ovens. The locals used them in the past to bake bread. Continue your journey until you reach Pozo de los Frailes; the beautiful mill deserves your attention. This mill is the first one out of the 95 that you will meet along the way. A few more kilometers on and you will be able to enjoy the sun on the Playa de los Genovesses. Playa de Monsul, four kilometers away, is the southernmost point in Spain. This type of holiday definitely requires you to have your own car, or at least a driver's license, but you won't regret such an experience. If you want to see Spain at its purist, as the ancestors left it, go to Cabo de Gata. Your unique experience will make you understand this culture better; it will help you understand the traditions of Spaniards and why they fight so much to keep the old together with the new.
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