The world of Precious Moments has only become

by:Real Fine     2020-06-12
The Precious Moments collectibles originated in the early 1970s based on the card and poster designs of Sam Butcher. This transformed into the figurines and other Precious Moments collectibles we know and love today. Originally there were fifteen figurines introduced to the public in 1978. There are currently over 1,500 unique Precious Moments pieces available to add to your collection. A favorite of Precious Moments collectors are the Precious Moments angels. The collection of Precious Moments angels is available in themes such as joy, love, mercy, peace, hope, and more. These resin and porcelain representations of Christian faith are beloved by thousands of fans around the world. Children and adults alike adore Precious Moments collectibles. The Angel of Joy figurine will be a joyful blessing that will bring nothing but positive vibes into your life. This angel is shown playing her favorite musical instrument to encourage joy. The Angel of Love figurine holds a heart that is sure to make her melt your heart. With a heart being the universal symbol for love, this figurine from the Precious Moments angels collection will capture any heart that is granted with her presence. The porcelain Angel of Mercy figurine depicts a nurse who is an inspiration to her patients and collectors alike. She is shown holding a pot of pink flowers. This angel has most certainly earned her wings. The Angel of Peace is a messenger of peace whose deepest desire is to share the peace within her heart with the world. She aims to capture the hearts of everyone she meets and instill peace and good spirit as deeply as it is rooted in herself. There is also an LED tea light the boasts the title Hope Illuminates Our Lives. This angel strives to fill our rooms with light and our hearts with hope. Whichever of the collection you choose, they are all something special that bring faith and love into the lives of Christians everywhere. Collectors clubs exist throughout the world and have hundreds of thousands of diehard fans. The success of the Precious Moments name is amazing as well as inspiring and will be strong for a long time to come.
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