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by:Real Fine     2020-06-30
One great way to do this is by designing and creating your own summer-themed wind chimes. It is true that wind chimes are a great addition to your home or garden decor regardless of the season, but here is something 'magical' about them that makes them perfect for the summer. You hear a wind chime sing from somewhere, and you are easily lulled to daydreaming. Whatever stressful day you are trying to endure, everything just seems lighter. The good news is that you can have a direct, active hand in propagating this magic: you can create your own wind chimes. Making wind chimes to greet the summer is easy. What You Will Need: -Strings -Glue -Tubes -Reclaimed materials -Your imagination! If you are creative, you can use materials easily found in your garden or inside your house. If you like to create something 'natural' looking, use pebbles, stones, or certain twigs to construct your wind chime. You can also look at your kitchen and see what can be recycled and used: most of the plastic containers that used to store our food are disposable and hence can be reused to serve a happier purpose. The only things you may have to buy are the metal parts-the 'singing' parts-and these should not be so difficult to find. There are also arts and crafts stores that sell wind chimes kits-just like the usual airplane model or electronic do-it-yourself kits, wind chime kits contain everything you need-you simply have to read and follow the instructions, glue the different parts together, and voila! Probably the only 'challenging' part would be choosing from a dizzying array of designs and possibilities. The only downside is that such a kit sort of limits your creativity-the design and choice of materials are already prepared for you, and the only input you need (just so you can say you 'made' it) is applying glue to the right places and sticking the parts together. But, don't let that stop you from getting full blown creative: you can mix and match, and if the contents of a wind chimes kit do not seem to be sufficient for what you have in mind, feel free to subtract or add elements!
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