There are some excellent walking routes across

by:Real Fine     2020-07-07
The Valley Of Great Kings This path is idyllically situated on the pretty island of La Gomera, in south-west Spain. It is a major attraction, often visited by people on European walking holidays. To learn more about the fascinating terraces and plantations, you are encouraged to head out on an organised walk in this area. Old Town Of Iznajar It is easy to imagine the scenes of times past during a visit to the restored castle of Iznajar. And after exploring the huge vault and dressing room you are encouraged to walk down to the waterfront, where a variety of Italian bird species can be seen. The Tomb Of Santa Teresa Anybody wanting an insight into the history of central Spain is encouraged to take a stroll through the charming town of Avila. You might choose to follow the protective walls that were built during the 11th and 12th centuries. A tour of the religiously significant church of Carmelite and tomb of Santa Teresa may also be of some interest. Goater's Hut The signposts that bear the name 'Sendero Local' on the ridge of Sierra de Villafranca point you towards this much used travellers hut. Today it acts as the ideal stop off point for people on Mediterranean walking holidays. However, in times past it was used as a shelter by Spanish shepherds and goat herders. Stay here for long enough and you might spot animals such as the roe deer and elk. The Duke Lagoon This gigantic lake is located in an area known as the Gredos Western Massif. Since being expanded in the early part of the 20th century it has become a major attraction for those on walking holidays. You might like to stop off beside the shore for a delicious picnic; alternatively you can watch the water wildlife from the Sierra de Bejar hills. Remember to bring your waterproof boots as it is impossible to complete the hike without navigating some flowing streams. Santa Barbara Cascade Anybody who takes the hike from Santa Barbara Loja will soon hear the sounds of this impressive waterfall. Upon arrival you may be tempted to take a quick exhilarating dip. On the other hand you may opt to sit comfortably on the shore, watching the Collared Pratincoles and Greenshanks fly overhead. Castell d'Alaro Prior to commencing the walk to the once magnificent Arab fortress you are encouraged to stop off at the marketplace of Alaro. Here you can purchase some tourist souvenirs as a reminder of fabulous walking holidays in Mallorca. Once you've explored the ruins and had a drink at the chapel bar you'll be ready to walk back to Alaro. If you feel a little peckish en route then it's well worth visiting the Es Verger restaurant.
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