Three main classification business promotional gifts

by:Real Fine     2020-09-09
Business promotional gifts is refers to the enterprises to promote products, increase product sales, spreading brand, enhance brand loyalty and to give consumers the business gift. Recipients for the enterprise product or service consumers, for the purpose of promotion, brand promotion, value-added, for business gifts expressive force or persuasion, customization demand is obvious. According to different promotional purpose, business promotional gifts can be roughly divided into the following three categories: an advertisement, advertising business gifts, business gifts is mainly used for product pre-sales of brand promotion, product promotion, marketing information dissemination of promotional gifts. The value of such gifts is relatively high, but the spread of good display, can fully and accurately show the brand concept, and is advantageous for the mass distribution. Such as advertising fan, advertising umbrella, advertising towel, etc are all good advertising gifts. Second, business gifts integral business gifts of use is not very wide, also has emerged over the years. Mainly is the enterprise in order to promote products and enhance customer loyalty and to set up the score system, consumers buy a product or service after get points for gifts is the gift of integral. This kind of gifts can be choice by consumers, the brand and the practicability of the gift the demand is higher, has a wide distribution present value range. Integral gifts gifts, such as credit card consumer integral bank is practical, the higher the relative value, the greater the more can attract consumers in order to get these gifts and select the bank's credit card to consumption. Third, buy a gift business gifts gift business gifts are in the process of sales of products or services, for the promotional products sales, with promotional gifts to consumers with products or services. The correlation of the gifts and promotional products is good and attractive, novel and unusual, can make the target consumer identity, the potential consumers, often to match the enterprise marketing activities. Such as buying a brew drinks, the distribution features of water cup a total of 5, need to buy five packages to collect a set of the drink. For the products sales will play a good role in promoting.
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