Tianjin, one of the five central cities of China

by:Real Fine     2020-06-26
Located in the Yangliugin town of Xinging district, it was built in 1875 and stands as a well preserved mansion which symbolizes China's ancient mercantile spirit. Part of this compound has been transformed into the famous Yangliuging Museum which includes a beautiful array of displays concentrated on local folk, customs and traditional furnishings and crafts. It also consists of symbolic features of the courtyards architecture. The Shi family history states that they began to become wealthy by the grain and cotton trade which were transported via canals, a preferred form of transportation at the time. Afterwards they started purchasing land, building houses and multiplied their wealth by opening shops, factories and private banks. The family inhabited Yangliugin town for over 200 years and during Emperor Ji Qing's reign, the family is said to have owned five hundred houses and thousands of hectares in land. The Shi Wancheng network of stone and brick courtyards and buildings that comprise of a theater and over 275 rooms served as apartments and places of business and worship for this influential family. Shi's courtyard is also a favorite location as a backdrop for many historical dramas, performances and events in China. Most of the rooms hold ancient furniture, paintings and stunning calligraphy. Here you can also find the Shifu Garden, which finished its expansion in October 2003. The garden is 1200 sq meters wide and is presented in a graceful style. Shi's courtyard serves as a folk museum and boasts a large collection of folk art. Visit this beautiful ancient treasure and other fabulous attractions in the city by choosing Tianjin accommodation . Be close to leisure and business by staying at any of the Tianjin Hotel Apartments. Offering you spectacular views and excellent hospitality, Somerset Youyi becomes a heavenly pleasure for its visitors.
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