To repair damaged model on arts and crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-08-27
In a foreign country, reverse engineering has been introduced as a kind of advanced design method to the new product design and development work. Many engineering college courses in the reverse engineering in the United States, students substitute to design for the prototype design, as a way to solve the problem of design. Because of the complexity of the structure of arts and crafts, and its surface is difficult to use the basic geometric shapes to represent and: righteousness. ; In addition, the small plane more, poor regularity; The traditional top-down design method is of low efficiency, poor effect. And reverse design through the analysis of prototype data by creative design and processing, so this method is not sensitive to the complexity of the surface, in principle to reconstruct arbitrary complex curved surface, for easily and quickly characteristics add ', has a unique advantage on arts and crafts processing. In recent years, in addition to the arts and crafts design and reverse engineering on design is widely applied, in arts and crafts of repair is becoming more and more get people's attention. 'sands copper made people', for example, introduced in PROE environment based on the two-dimensional digital repair and modeling process of digital photos; Also think through reverse technique, can overcome the defects of traditional handmade arts and crafts, to shorten the time of handicraft restoration and imitation, improve the quality of generic arts and crafts. Sun Yanju introduces the traditional restoration process & # 39; , not only process trival, and have higher requirements to operators. Resin handicraft in transit may appear some problems, in addition to la will handicraft of the security and stability in the process of transportation into the hands of customers, also we need to strict inspection in the production process the quality of the product, grabbed every ounce of the process.
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