TOP1: Thailand, Bangkok

by:Real Fine     2020-07-02
Bangkok,UGG Classic Argyle Knit Thailand's capital of Thailand's main ports and political, economic and cultural center (online culture center), known as the 'Buddhism'. Bangkok, Buddhism has a long history and strong buddhist temple, the Oriental colour is beautiful, delicate, with building with splendid palace, fractions of the jade Buddha, the golden color solemn pass area, full of fantastic legends of gold, the majestic ZhengWang buddhist temple of the most famous. Bangkok in Thailand says for 'army posts, meaning' city of angels '. TOP2: Thailand, Chiang mai Chiang mai 'beauty and the roses are famous, handicrafts,' the famous national and abroad, northern Thai politics, economy, culture and education center of Thailand's second-largest city. Chiang mai Thai capital, the famous historical and cultural city, was the capital LanNa dynasty. Chiang mai city hall and new temples of antique buildings with the white color, rich tai strewn at random. TOP3 Florence, Italy Florence is a city in central Italy, the Tuscan district capital. 15-16 centuries, Europe's most famous fiorentina are the art center, art crafts and textiles well-known across Europe. It is the birthplace of European Renaissance movement, but also the birthplace of opera, the world famous cultural attractions. Fiorentina international contemporary art biennale, and Venice biennale exhibition and three Italian milan, three art. TOP4: ShengMiGeEr allende, Mexico ShengMiGeEr allende located in mountainous bajio region, Mexico, China's eastern 'muggle. Founded in 1542, has become an attractive Mexican resort. One large U.S. and Canadian expatriate retiree especially America veterans to bring the city of breath. UN KeJiaoWen organization has put forward to want to protect the city's rich heritage. TOP5 Rome, Italy, Rome is the capital of Italy, is the Italian politics, history and culture and transportation center, is also the brilliant culture and ancient birthplace, has more than 2,500 years history. It is an art treasure, cultural city, is the Roman Catholic church is located. Roma rich historical legacy of 'riches' is still in the city stood in the senate, the arc DE triomphe, imperial: JiGongZhu pantheon and the great arena, world famous monuments etc. discount ugg boots In addition, there are many beautiful Renaissance architectural and artistic masterpiece. TOP6:Sydney, Australia, Sydney is the capital of new south wales, Australia's largest city and port. It is the oldest city in Australia, and also the most prosperous city of modernization and internationalization, 'southern New York'. The pleasant climate, beautiful environment, Yi scenery, and famous Sydney opera house, harbor bridge and rocks, circular quay, Macquarie square, QingRenGang (say again: DaLingGang), etc. However Sydney's worth of or beach. Sydney beach dotted, special style. TOP7:Buenos Aires, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina's largest city, is the capital and the political, economic and cultural center, known as the 'south China. Paris' City is located in the pan scopus plains, climate, beautiful scenery. In many cities, foot square garden and monuments, people always in the spare time here and dancing. Here are the famous koln theatre, maxwell watts skin lake national park, the perito moreno glacier, MaDePuLaDa, BaLiLuoQie scenic spot, Argentina lake tourist resort, etc. TOP8 oaxaca, Mexico Watts dahaka is located in the southern Mexico, 'watts dahaka DE HuaLeiSi', is in the capital. Its wool cloak, jewelry fame in the world. In the city's colonial architecture, more near, and there's a person's pizza potter sites. It is famous HuaLeiSi President indians. TOP nine: Spain, Barcelona Barcelona, Spain is the catalonian autonomous region, the capital's Barcelona in the catalonian autonomous region (provincial) capital, Spain's second largest city. It is in the city, grand, gothic, Renaissance and baroque buildings and modern louqun mutual reflect, called 'flower of the European', also known as 'the pearl of the Iberian peninsula. Barcelona city 'two city one city' - not only keep the city of many beautiful buildings of spectacular ruins, will become the new model of urban planning and construction. Architecture is the gaudy in Barcelona, the Mediterranean pearl shining gold coast is seaside resort. TOP 10: the United States, New York New York is the largest financial economic centre, city and port, it's all movements in the impact on the world. It is the United Nations headquarters is located. New York or American culture, art, music and publishing center, there are numerous museums, galleries, library, scientific research institutions and art center, the three major broadcast networks and some influential newspapers, agency headquartered here. America's statue of liberty, the empire mansion, fifth avenue, ugg nightfall black Broadway, central park, famous attractions attracts tourists from all over the world, Wall Street, Columbia University, university of st John higher ground also such attracts the world's elite.
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