Transparent resin handicraft in real life

by:Real Fine     2020-08-16
Transparent resin handicraft with its glittering and translucent burnish beauty, the beauty of elegant and graceful posture, stimulates the imagination of the illusory beauty to get the favour of countless technology enthusiasts, and the application of the pigment is increased the diversity of the aesthetic form of transparent resin handicraft. Pigment in the application of transparent resin handicraft research as the core, the modern subject how to performance by the pigment coloring process in transparent resin handicraft, the strength of extension pigment performance at the same time enhance the space effect of transparent resin works and artistic effect. Transparent resin material properties and shading material produced by the combination of various artistic effect, color decoration techniques in transparent resin handicraft creation practice. By means of intervention and various coloring materials decorative techniques applied to improve the diversity and decorative art of transparent resin. It is to god for a kind of pursuit of modern people.
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