Unsaturated resin handicraft gold-plated process

by:Real Fine     2020-08-21
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the demand of the craft are also on the increase. Are introduced in the early 1990 s, in the pearl river delta region of silicone rubber mold unsaturated resin casting process, to cater to this trend. Producers do not need to be advanced art accomplishment, so long as has the samples, they can be in the need for expensive metal mould replication products. Easy to operate, can good appearance of handicraft production, low cost and can be large or small batch production. If plating on unsaturated resin handicraft BoJinHe BoYin can improve the level of arts and crafts and price, is suitable for mass consumption. But the structure of unsaturated resin. Dense. A smooth surface. Chemical copper plating for electroplating. Binding force is not satisfactory. To the precious metal plating on unsaturated resin, other methods must be used. Unsaturated resin process were introduced in this paper try to use vacuum coating as a foundation for electroplating metallization of text attempt. 1. Vacuum coating is unsaturated resin handicraft vacuum aluminum plating is relatively common. But more difficult to electroplating aluminum is very lively. In the aluminum thin film. Electroplating on more difficult with vacuum aluminum plating plating layer and practical significance. Consider adopting vacuum plating copper or nickel metallization layer, by comparison, the melting point of copper & 1083 deg; C was much lower than nickel and the melting point of 1452 C, copper easy vacuum bodyguards small energy consumption; Nickel copper price is much cheaper. Can be sexual better than nickel plating nickel copper surface easy passivation activation is more difficult. So choose vacuum copper plating, vacuum plating copper and chemical copper plating copper layer to smoothly enough thickness to subsequent electroplating. Using a vacuum evaporation plating of copper from copper film is too thin film layer porous discontinuity plating quality is not guaranteed. Make appropriate improvement on existing vacuum coating machine after pumping air into vacuum state, can be obtained continuous vacuum plating copper copper film can smoothly electroplating. 2. Electroplating process of vacuum plating copper & rarr; In addition to the oil & rarr; Cleaning the x2 & rarr; The hanging fixture & rarr; 。 Pickling a cleaning X2 & rarr; Acid bright copper plating & rarr; Recycling & rarr; Cleaning the X2 + bright nickel plating & rarr; Recycling & rarr; Cleaning the X2 - A cleaning X2 - + activation Method of ion washing & rarr; Gold-plated & rarr; Recycling X2 + cleaning & rarr; Electric passivation solution + X3 cleaning & rarr; To ion washing & rarr; drying
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