Valencia is a beautiful place and you will fell

by:Real Fine     2020-06-22
Torres De Serranos: In the entire Europe these are the biggest towers that are of the Gothic style architecture. The construction was done in 14th century and was done by Peer Balaguer. The monuments were mainly built for the purpose of housing the prisoners and during the festive occasion many traditional activities were performed in this monument. The river turia flows very near to the monument and so you will get a spectacular view from the towers of this ancient monument. The entire building is in the shape of a pentagon and has many hallways and designs basically of the gothic style. The monument is open to public on all days including Sundays. Mercado Central Constructed in the year 1914 this is a monument of the most modern architecture. Francisco Guardia along with Alejandro Soler had completed the construction of this beautiful masterpiece. It's a market basically and you will get everything from vegetable to fish, meat and lot more. You name it and surely will get at this market. It's open only during the day time and you must visit this place to get to know about the market and its working atmosphere. Almudin In the 16th century this monumental structure was used as the storage house for wheat that was necessary for the supply to the entire Valencia. It has a beautiful Saint Luis Bertran square that is charming and beautiful. A beautiful arch and also a tympanum are found in this monument that will amaze you to the maximum. Inside the Almudin palace you will find a collection of mural paintings. Each of these painting portrays the activities of the people of Valencia in those age old days. A glimpse of the history of the city could be easily understood from these paintings. Plaza Redonda It is a small square place that has a unique charm and beauty of its own ferienhauser in spanien. If you go to Valencia this place is must visit one as it has some unique construction which will be admired by the tourists. Many things are sold at this round place which turns out to be a market place on all Sundays. If you are intending to shop around then this is the best place as you could get some good deal on clothes, stamps, statues and so on.
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