VISTA, Calif. - The future of long-term care for

by:Real Fine     2020-06-26
Vista Gardens will hold its grand opening on Thursday, February 9, with festivities beginning at 3 p.m. Vista Gardens utilized some of the nation's leading doctors, caregivers and design specialists in the treatment of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia as consultants throughout the design and construction process to build one of the most advanced long-term care facilities in the nation for patients with Alzheimer's Disease, dementia and other related conditions. Unlike any other long-term care community in the area, the gated facility boasts some of the most innovative approaches to providing comfort and care in a serene and safe environment, including a library dedicated to President Ronald Reagan, who himself battled Alzheimer's Disease. The library's Ronald Reagan theme was approved personally by Mrs. Reagan. 'When we began building this facility more than five years ago, our concept was to develop a place where patients could receive compassionate care, companionship and specifically designed activities in the most secure but beautiful setting,' said Harry C. Crowell, Managing Partner of Vista Gardens. Crowell is a long-time home builder who years ago became active in the Alzheimer's community. He and his nephew, Don Crowell, developed the facility. Don Crowell is present on a daily basis to ensure that Vista Gardens lives up to the high standard of care conceived by the owners. Security and safety were the cornerstone design elements of Vista Gardens. 'Vista Gardens is the only facility in San Diego County, and one of only a few in the country, to offer cameras throughout the community, including individual rooms, to provide safety, transparency, and peace of mind,' added Dr. Jacqueline Dupont, a noted gerontologist and Alzheimer's Disease specialist who serves on the medical advisory board of the and played a key role in its design. 'Cameras offer a sense of security and safety that family members welcome.' All residents enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive 'Vista Gardens Memory Care Program,' which include: a 24 hour RN or LVN, a wireless nurse call system, daily progress and condition charting, massage and hydrotherapy, fall prevention and monitoring, and an electronic records system. In addition to the care program, Vista Gardens offers an array of indoor and outdoor activities. Outside, residents can enjoy a golf putting green, a serenity garden, an elevated gardening area, a children's playground for family visits, and lush, open spaces for picnics and group activities. There is also a Railroad Observation Deck on the campus that allows residents to sit and watch the trains go by. Inside the $15-million facility, residents have numerous options, including: a sports pub, an arts and crafts room, a library, a game room, a spa and massage room, a chapel, and even a private dining room for family meals. With multiple floor plans to choose from, the developers have spared no expense in creating a luxurious experience for residents. 'Our family has really built something special here for other families who have been affected by Alzheimer's and other dementia conditions,' added Harry Crowell. 'When people come and see Vista Gardens for themselves, we're sure they will feel the same way.' ###
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