Water grain processing resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-29
We all know that resin handicraft is resin as the main raw material, through die casting molding, do the delicate and beautiful figures, animals and plants, etc. , and the simulation can be made into all kinds of handicrafts. Such as: imitation bronze, imitation gold, imitation ceramic, imitation jade, resin handicraft, etc. Then water lines is a natural resin handicraft, water lines in the rainy season and low season is easy to produce temperature, resin handicraft production experience for many years, according to my company now make some advice for your reference: 1, the poor quality of the curing agent and accelerator, containing water, suggest using dehydration, curing agent and promoter. 3, air humidity is big, the resin curing process of humid air into the cavity, the effect on polymerization resin produced on the surface of the products, cause product surface produce water lines happened sticky. 4, curing dosage, curing of the resin is due to have enough free and unsaturated double bond of the resin crosslinking and complete the curing process, the lack of the amount of curing agent, less produce free radicals, not a lot of activation of unsaturated double bond, resulting in the resin curing incomplete, resulting in water lines, sticky phenomenon. Resin handicraft is fragile, so to prevent it from falling, gold plating on the surface, so cannot be placed in direct sunlight place, in order to avoid surface gloss fading due to sun exposure.
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