What are business gifts taboo?

by:Real Fine     2020-08-18
Business environment in modern society, business gift giving is often encounter, so, when the business gifts need to pay attention to what? 1. Don't rush in the relationship with the other side is not very mature. 2. Don't have other people give gifts in the other side, or carrying a large and very ugly gift to the person in the office. 3. Gifts don't everywhere and others said, 'I give someone a gift. '4. Don't give gifts, and ask people to help, have a purpose is good, but too straightforward, it is difficult to accepted; At the same time, also don't call each other on the second day of gift giving, ask each other like 'something can help' problem. 5. Don't send directly to send cash, diamond, gold and other precious gift. 6. Avoid using 'have' in the communication, 'special' and 'special' words. 7. Gift is not suitable for each other completely. A few well-chosen box of high-grade tea and a tea set out, the result each other don't like to drink tea, loss is not only a gift. 8. Only when the festival gifts, interpersonal needs maintenance, or you will make them feel like being used. In addition, also don't easily give gifts, giving the number of times too frequently, creates inertial thinking, let the other side think giving is should, in the future can not do things without a gift. 9. Gifts without packaging. As the saying goes, 'clothes to make the man, Buddha is a good letter of introduction. No packaging gift can let a person feel not formal, cope with, the value of the gift and feeling completely reflect not to come out. 10. In the peak period of the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, dragon boat and other gifts to send out no special gift. 11. Not clear each other's ability is cut in a gift. If the person is middle managers also said in the past, if only ordinary staff, that is not worth the cost. In addition, don't give gift at a lower level than the superior is also valuable. 12. After hard work before giving things into him. A typical 'people walk tea is cool, it is hard to cultivate good relationships, for their own development is very adverse.
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