What are the characteristics of the resin sculpture

by:Real Fine     2020-08-22
As people living standard gradually improve, People's Daily life consumption is not only for the satisfaction of the body, more important is the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction. Annatto, is not only a furniture, but also a good material for arts and crafts. Resin sculpture, add interest to our lives and elegant. Resin sculpture, with its moderate prices, high quality and its ecological characteristics, become the people to be bestowed favor on newly gradually. With regard to the characteristics of the resin sculpture, we can to learn from the material and technology. So what is annatto, what process is have a certain level? First: annatto defined annatto include: red sandalwood, cocobolo, persimmon, cliff legume and venge belong to 5 genera; Eight class is ( Rosewood, rosewood, sweet branch wood, black sour branch, red acid branch, ebony, striped ebony and wenge) Heartwood of species. Its density, structure, and wood color, To classify the wood color darker in the atmosphere) Meet the national standard for mahogany, is the current domestic furniture material the established name. Such as: hainan chrysanthemum pear, Vietnam hua limu, Brazilian rosewood, etc. Second: process level resin sculpture process can be divided into manual process and mechanical process. Arts and crafts, the use of all kinds of ceramic technology, such as shallow carving, deep carved, valuable. such handiwork, carved, through the use of this kind of manual craft makes redwood logs into all kinds of products, well-known dongyang huang Yang ceramic sculpture. Mechanical technology, mostly through the use of all kinds of mechanical production sculpture, such as cutting machine, polishing machine, grinding machine, paint machine, the early stage of the coarse embryos was produced by these machines, and then use the laser machine, CNC carved machine, fine processing, finally through the paint processing packaging technology, produce arts and crafts. Many resin sculpture, just make good attractive fragrance, it is really fascinating. Exquisite mahogany card on the desk and pen container, products are small, temperament is special. Resin sculpture, photo frame is also a good choice for home decoration, photo records of our past, let history precipitation in this ancient redwood also can yet be regarded as a kind of beauty. Fascinating resin sculpture, office of home decoration has become a choice!
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