What are the place in the landscape bonsai

by:Real Fine     2020-09-12
Furnishing articles is one of the types of landscape bonsai is often used in the articles, sometimes after rock decorated, in order to achieve the goal of balance and ornamental, can put in some place, the place a lot of landscape bonsai, common booth, bridge, table, floor, pavilion, and boat, raft, characters, and a variety of birds and animals, etc. , to the selection of landscape bonsai, to pay attention to the content of each place, position, as well as design and so on. Landscape bonsai in furnishing articles in landscape bonsai have played an important role in balancing ratio, using the small place, can let the mountain and furnishing articles contrast, looks more tall. Landscape bonsai in furnishing articles can also play the role of the foil in the landscape bonsai, landscape bonsai look more lively. Landscape bonsai in furnishing articles can increase landscape bonsai works of artistic conception. Increased administrative levels a landscape bonsai at the same time, also have increased interest in landscape bonsai. Landscape bonsai in furnishing articles to pay attention to the size of proportion when decorate, perspective and where more appropriate, perspective in landscape bonsai wants elaborate design, use more reasonable, the distance apart further furnishing articles comparing to lei, close to lei is small, the big small, this is the most basic perspective in landscape bonsai, use good furnishing articles perspective can increase the depth of the image better, more small in see big effect, in addition to this, landscape bonsai furnishing articles should also adopt more appropriate contrast when using, so as to produce movement, the combination of established combined with a cross. Landscape bonsai furnishing articles should according to the actual situation to when decorate decorate, not contrary to the actual natural conditions. Although landscape bonsai furnishing articles role is very big, but also should pay attention to not put too much, too close, it will cause bad effect to landscape bonsai, landscape bonsai furnishing articles and landscape must be between primary and secondary distinct, not too messy.
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