What are XiCangDou handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-10
Different variety of Tibetan handicrafts, the characteristic, and a good shows the local ethnic characteristics and national culture, is also a tourist visitors to Tibet home hand letter important choice, the following will introduce common categories in Tibet handicraft: a, thangka: Tibetan thangka is famous, exquisite workmanship, colorful, composition integrity, character and exquisite. Thangka is the Tibetan transliteration, meaning a scroll of Buddha, common is religious paintings, general portrait painting to Buddha. Thangka painting has the certain regularity, general centre of painting is a hero, then starting from the top corner of the canvas to fill the people and the things related to a central figure, the picture of the scene need changes with the development of the plot, so that the composition of a complete and vivid figure painting, but the scenery is protected from history, space, time limit so that the images have a big tone. Thangka can be divided into fructose ( Silk thangka) And don ( Draw the thangka) Two broad categories, paint thangkas material is very exquisite, mineral pigment, plant materials, pure gold silver and even put all kinds of jewelry grinding and become, is this thangka can after one thousand years of erosion and a brand new still. Thangka is not only exquisite workmanship, materials, precious, it is the treasure of Tibetan Buddhism, the buddhist in the sectarian the soul of the father is invested in thangka, thangka is no longer a at this time, but the image of a soul or a life. This is the precious of thangka. Second, the Tibetan dao of Tibetan dao is Tibetan carry a page that is inseparable partners, not only the sharp and detailed. Material of Tibetan dao with silver, copper, iron, horn, agate, hardwood, etc. Classification of Tibetan dao in different regions are different. In nyingchi area, for example, are mainly used for hunting. Blade is long and sharp, the scabbard is wood more, in order to increase the friction, also made of skins around the outside. In Tibetan areas, before and after the Tibetan dao pays attention to is practical, not on general knife gems and other valuable things, pay attention to the sharp. Amdo region of slaughter of sheep meat are used in everyday life Tibetan dao, Tibetan dao is very exquisite, generally a knife, knife sheath will be decorated with agate, coral and other items. In kham Tibetan dao is a symbol of the local people's heroic with bold, Tibetan dao and beautiful as sharp as a whole, symbolizes the sword on man's identity and status, they love their swords like life. General now in circulation are false Tibetan dao, true Tibetan dao price does not poor. Generally true Tibetan dao is long time, the blade has a dark, as bright as a mirror is definitely false. Can be cutting on the tin, true Tibetan dao all GangRen and there will be no gap. Warm prompt: tool you can't take the plane on the train, bought the Tibetan dao friends should put Tibetan dao by mail or check back. Third, horn comb horn comb, just as its name implies is made of ox horn comb, a craft are seen in Tibet. Horn comb has wear-resisting durable, prevent static electricity, cooling blood detoxification, only strengthen tendons, etc. Must be noticed when using horn comb drop pressure defense, combed with horn comb wet hair, should be placed dry in ventilated, dry place. To distinguish the true and false horn comb is simple, just took the horn comb to the fire to burn, horn comb not burn out and have a really unique horn smell, does not produce static electricity; Look carefully, what a horn comb tend to have color and texture.
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