What kind of resin material is suitable for production of resin handicraft?

by:Real Fine     2020-08-13
Resin handicraft production of raw materials exactly? Today let's raw materials for resin crafts in-depth understanding. Resin is usually after heating, softening has a tendency to flow under the external force, when the temperature is solid, semi-solid, and sometimes can be a liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, can any polymer compounds as raw materials for the plastic products processing is called resin. Resin handicraft production also is to have cultured, let's to look at. Resin handicraft materials used are: unsaturated polyester resin, and supporting the use of resin and promoting agent and curing agent, will send you when you buy these two kinds of material resin. Filling material with a threesome powder ( Powder) The best products, and want to buy some paint to do painting processing. Its formula is: resin: powder: promoting agent: curing agent = 100:140-0. 2:3. Resin handicraft raw materials is commonly: fixed resin, powder, or any other archaize raw materials, such as imitation marble products, resin, marble powder. Large resin handicraft raw materials is commonly: resin, powder, color paste, hollow can fill resin waste, major general resin waste filling resin products. Unsaturated resin can be used to produce resin handicrafts, regardless of what type of. 191 #, 196 #, and other different types of resin can be used. If making special high-grade resin handicraft must be at least the vacuum machine, mixer, electric grinding, spray gun, etc. , production experience is very important, or expensive materials, easy to waste. If you make is not particularly high grade of resin products can also use two yuan a kilo of glue to cure, as resin handicraft raw materials, curing three minutes to complete, can freely adjust the curing time. If you want to produce is of good quality, high-grade resin handicraft, look so will a lot of care on the choice of the original material, resin, or glue, every step to pay more attention, so as to ensure the quality of our products.
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