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by:Real Fine     2020-07-04
THE PROCESS: PLANNING Choose a company that has extensive experience in working with conservation and planning officers, as this will prove invaluable when it comes to turning your dreams into reality. Experienced companies will have a proven track record in overcoming planning objections and achieving design solutions that keep all parties content. THE PROCESS: BUILDING REGULATIONS In most instances building regulations approval will be required. Again, ensure that your chosen company has many years of experience in this area, as they will make the formal application to your local authority. Throughout the construction process they should take responsibility for ensuring your conservatory or orangery fully complies with all the legal requirements and will also obtain the necessary certificate on completion. THE PROCESS: FOUNDATIONS No doubt you want your conservatory or orangery to be a worthwhile investment so ensure it's built on substantial foundations that stringently adhere to building control standards. In normal ground conditions footings need to be a standard depth of one metre. However, if the conditions are abnormal these should be deeper, a good company will suggest an engineered piling solution to guarantee your building is sound from the base up. THE PROCESS: INSTALLATION Don't settle on sub-contractors make sure that your chosen company employees it's own team of dedicated installers. Carpenters and joiners are skilled crafts so choosing a company that has a wealth of experience constructing a huge variety of orangeries, conservatories, pool enclosures and garden rooms is essential. This is critical your building will only be as good as the installation. Choose a company that has the experience, and the people, to ensure it proves to be an excellent long-term investment. OUR PROCESS: FINISHING TOUCHES It's the finishing touches that make your new conservatory or orangery truly part of your home. So find out how your company will finish your project, consider under-floor heating, climate control, laying ceramic tiles to wooden floors and laminates, plastering to electrics, skirting boards to soft furnishings what about the final decorating? It's worth having this as part of a complete package, so don't forget to enquire as these finishing touches in most cases are often overlooked, a good company will be happy to help and a proven track record. AFTER SALES CARE You should be delighted with your conservatory or orangery it will add a whole new dimension to your home and lifestyle, one that's flooded with natural light and which your family will love for years to come. However, for your complete peace of mind, ask if your company is able to provide a comprehensive after-care programme that ensures your investment way into the future. Remember, not every company will offer this! TESTIMONIALS These are always a good source. Any good conservatory or orangery will have many of these and will be willing to share them, so don't be afraid to ask for them, or even talk to some of their customers.
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