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by:Real Fine     2020-06-17
Let's explore two totally different as well as distinctive tourist spots to choose from. Essel World Essel World was India's first plus largest amusement park, and what far better city for its area that the metropolitan Mumbai. It is situated in Gorai, and spreads on the land area of 64 acres. With more than 8 lack tourists annually, its popularity has no bounds. Launched in 1989, Essel World had become the talk of the town almost immediately. Right after the water park was introduced. * The way to Reach You can reach Essel World via a ferry from the suburbs of Malad and Borivli. By road, Essel World can be reached through Mira Road Bhayandar. * Park Timings The park is open year around from 10 am to 8 pm through the weekends and peak period and from 10 am to 7 pm through the weekdays and so off-season. * Essel World Points of interest Family rides for instance the Water dive, Crazy cups, Hedge maze, Highway cars, Monsters in the MistPrabal- the killer, Riki's rocking alley, Slam bob, Tilt a whirl, Zipper dipper, Cricket Zone, Virtual world, Monster and Aero swinger, let the entire family to frolic in fun all through Essel World. Adventure along with thrills don't have any bar with the adult rides for example Enterprise, Hoola Loop, Rock-N-Roll, Rock Climbing, Senior Dogem, Senior Tele combat, Thunder and even Zyclone. Kids rides includes Big Apple, Caterpillar, Children boat ride, Convoy track, Happy sky, Jr. Dogem, Jr. Carousel, Jr. Go Kart, Kinder Carousal, Mini Telecombat, Play port, Rio Grande train, Yard Train, Slippery sultan, Kiddies flume, Mirror Maze, Derby racer, Virtual world, Jr. Waltzer and so the Trampoline. Besides the rides, tourists can enjoy the various food and so shopping locations round the Essel World. The park includes restaurants and so eateries of several varied cuisines. There is something for everybody and no one can go hungry or even unhappy at the park with regards to food. Lots of shops can be easily found through to get souvenirs and so gifts to take home, and moreover certain crucial things that could come in handy while away from home. During the day, there are lots of events and furthermore shows that take place in Essel World and so these keep on improving and so reforming regularly. The leisure is just an additional additional bonus when resting in between the rides and adventures. Manori Beach Situated in northern Mumbai, Manori beach is a well known tourist spot. It is good for a weekend holiday in lots of scenarios. Maroni creek and even the beach is what the village of Manori is renowned for. The town consists of regional fishermen, and so the population has resemblance to Goans. The sunsets here are interesting and mystical. * How you can Reach You can get to Manori by road via Bhayander. Or, you can take a ferry ride from Malad's Marve Beach that gets you there in about fifteen minutes. It is about 40 kms from Mumbai city. * Manori Beach Attractions Manori beach's beachside shacks are always populated with people from all over. There are lots of hotels a few resorts that add a touch of luxury to the village. There are many of spiritual temples and so ashrams to look for those who are interested in spirituality. Nearby, there's also a Buddhist Pagoda that attracts visitors. Water buffs, hit Manori beach by the dozens to enjoy the clean waters. It's full of vacationers that come for a swim and so enjoy nature. You may as well be safe taking walks on the beach, playing Frisbee, doing other activities in the water. For the foodies, Manori Beach is going to be an A hit. There is a variety of restaurants, shacks, and so food stalls to select from. There are several unique and so local dishes which can make anyone's mouth water. Local seafood is fresh and so used in several of the local dishes which people flock to enjoy. Along the restaurants, additionally, there are shopping stalls and so shops that sell local artefacts and even souvenirs. As a result there you go! Pack your bags and check out just what your heart desires to do. Think about what sort of mood you're in, what would you want to do or what would others with you like to do? For each and every type and class of answer, there will be a tourist destination in or around Mumbai to pick from. If you do not want to take part in the guess game, or there isn't any time to spend contemplating, the head to Essel World or make a trip to Manori Beach. You will come back a happy camper.
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