Where is the difference between the collectables - autograph and crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-08-20
In recent years, under the push of the auction house and some antique city, four miscellaneous began to become more popular, from the collection of folk enthusiasm of four miscellaneous collection is also growing. So, what is the difference between the arts and crafts and collectables - autograph? Tang and song dynasty in Chinese literati, the space of the study as a private retreat, internally the heavens and the earth, which is self release foreign etiquette reception is high. Further development after the Ming and qing dynasties, the place spirit, eventually became an independent thought system. Whatever bereft of 'four aesthetic system of the traditional arts and crafts, should be the benefit of the collectors. In the past, four collectables - autograph is not such a popular collection as it is today. Auction market constantly refresh auction records, although has aroused a large number of popular collectors focus on four miscellaneous plate enthusiasm, but not direct you to the depth of mining this niche collection plate cultural roots behind the link. Why, then, 'four collectables - autograph collection, to explore the cultural roots and cognition study first? For some public collectors, said to collectables - autograph, they how many will feel a little abrupt, some people even in the heart thought: collectables - autograph collectables - autograph, is it not of the ancient literati toys? In fact, collectables - autograph is study the derivatives of culture. The Ming and qing dynasties ago, pen, ink, paper and inkstone 'four appliance is the most basic. After the Ming and qing dynasties, the four appliance category framework has further development, thus appeared the other traditional 'four treasures' matching with all kinds of stationery, such as bed, YanDi, pen rack, writing brush washer, ink water, the arm is put aside, seal, seal box, seals, etc. The material of the stationery and all sorts of modelling, and compared with the traditional Chinese painting, sculpture and other decorative culture mutual fusion. It is in this context, at the same time with the function of four functions and appreciation, collectables - autograph gradually appeared. Since then, the new four things no matter how to development and changes in the morphological denotation, connotation of it has not deviated from the study culture. Don't clarify culture at the root of the study, obviously it is impossible to know and understand all previous dynasties literati's way of life, spiritual pursue and value idea, the more impossible to understand space around the study of this special places set up a complete set of aesthetic ideology. So, the traditional four aesthetic ideology is the core of what? Contracted. Since the song dynasty, the study has been beyond the writing features, become literati thinking of personal liberty. No matter for the country, for the society, or for personal thinking, are finished in the little space of independent. Because of thinking involved in the person's mood, the mood is closely connected with the environment - again - Is static, can through the environment to create a layout of the design. Based on this need, just appeared from song to Ming literati aesthetics - contracted - Not wordy, not stick to, and the design concept of modern Europe has the same effect. A lot of people don't understand why Britain during the industrial revolution was formed through hundreds of years after the contracted aesthetic, and four in the Ming dynasty, China has formed the aesthetic system. Because of literati in thinking, will be around again those complicated noise factors. They first in his own study decorate on, began advocating simple, even think that the more simple the more beautiful, try to build a quiet atmosphere on the environment. Static is not move, not moving is check, the check is zen & hellip; … Being a few collectables - autograph to desk often come up with appreciation, therefore required in the small and exquisite volume, which is lack of the ancients quite YingChe, small ', in order to meet the different needs of master distance nearly take. In fact, most collectables - autograph furnishing articles, although small, but in terms of conception and shape, is a large concentration, the viewer can often from small in see big, mustard sumeru, this is known as' so cheap details. As the public collectors, needs to alert the seller put four collectables - autograph narrow, generalization and artisan. Narrow 'four collectables - autograph is merely limited to the traditional by replacing ink the treasures, ignored the four supplies is a huge collection system; Generalization is to make all the arts and crafts with culture as collectables - autograph; Goldsmith is blindly buy some lack artistic content of replica, their works as a craftsman in the warehouse. Finally, summed up a sentence is: collectables - autograph may be called arts and crafts, but not all handicraft is collectables - autograph.
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