Why life inseparable from the arts and crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-09-05
Arts and crafts by means of manual labor to make arts and crafts with unique artistic style. Different from the mass production in industrial mechanization way normalizing daily arts and crafts arts and crafts. The 'process' is a word with multiple meanings, one of the important connotation, refers to a kind of special craft skills, especially refers to various kinds of art by hand. Handicrafts is pure manual or with the aid of tools products. Can be used to machine tools, but the premise is the technologist direct manual work is still the main source for the finished product. Handicrafts made of natural materials, can be unlimited. Such products practical, beautiful, artistic and creative, can convey the cultural connotation, rich decorative, functional and traditional, at the same time, religious or social symbolic significance and importance. Why life inseparable from the arts and crafts? Before answering this question, ask you another question: are you willing to pay for crafts? In front of the mechanical products full avenue are inexpensive, believes that many people the answer is certainly don't want to. Looks the same thing, to have lower prices, why to choose expensive handicrafts? Because most people don't recognize the value of the arts and crafts, leading to the present Chinese traditional craft waning, many excellent craftsmanship endangered. Even so, life under the industrialization process of we still cannot leave a handicraft. Before the arrival of mechanized production, craft is the earliest industrial prototype. Therefore, in the cultural essence, industrial manufacturing and craft production are close to create convenience for human life. Industrialization brings us is cheap, rapid, quantitative, with short frequency fast universality. And crafts bring us is the personalized vary from person to person, is the important carrier of every individual to pursue their ideal life. In Chinese traditional thinking, life should be slow, elegant, the emergence of the industrial broke this state of slow life. And crafts just can make the life to return to the origin, allowing people to fully enjoy the slower pace of spare and elegant. Machinery is cold, and handicraft has a temperature. The temperature is not only reflected in the heart hand, exists in the creator and user via your know by heart. Social change is bound to make some things disappear, make some things appear again, this is the objective law of historical development. But for arts and crafts, its itself is derived from life, and has combined with life, go hand in hand!
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