With its popularity as a tourist destination growing

by:Real Fine     2020-07-01
The heritage village is like a page in the day of people who lived in the era before oil was discovered in Abu Dhabi, with lingering traces of the Bedouin culture still rampant in every corner and every city street. To the modern visitor who is used to the urbanization and modern gadgetry all associated with the discovery of oil has much to absorb in this rural looking village which maintained its life without the precious oil. The heritage village is situated in the Abu Dhabi city centre, which itself is located on an island and is well linked up to the mainland with bridges. One finds a throng of mud brick houses lining the streets as well as a very traditional looking market place and a mosque that too belongs to that era. For entertainment, there is always the demonstration of the sport Falconry or one can take a camel ride to rest their feet a little. Strolling through the array of tents and buildings, old fishing villages, old souqs and traditional activities still taking place, it is hard not to feel the pulse of the people of this era and the nomad like arrangement of the entire village. Another most frequented area is strangely the Hili garden which holds more a few thousands of tombs built in the ancient style. The ancient irrigation system can still be witnessed as well as workshops where different crafts are still practiced by workmen. The museum is definitely an exotic affair, rich with old coins, chinks of jewelry, olden day attires and even weaponry. A taste of the Bedouin culture will not be quite complete without tasting a Bedouin meal and purchasing a few rare and original items from the museum. Those searching Abu Dhabi hotels have many accommodation options to consider. Among the Abu Dhabi Luxury Hotels, one that stands out the most is Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. Offering guests a host of modern amenities, it is the ideal location to indulge in an exceptional vacation.
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