Yellowstone malachite craft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-02
Malachite, is a kind of fragile but beautiful stone, have the meaning of 'wife happiness. Yellowstone malachite come from the hubei Yellowstone, show aphanitic stalactite shape, block, crusty, nodular and fibrous assembly. Concentric layered, fiber radial structure. Such as green, malachite green, dark green. Often have half, silk lustre or glass, transparent to opaque, crisp, react with hydrochloric acid, easily dissolved. There are 'meteorite jade powder treatment; Peja jade ornaments have 'detoxification to rot, insecticidal, strengthen cell activity, antioxidant, anti-aging effect. When choosing malachite through color, texture, craft, decorative pattern to consider carefully. Malachite maintenance methods: 1. Do not collision and hard; 2. Do not touch ornamental malachite; 3. Do not and acid and alkali substances thru; 4. Do not sweat and place; 5. Not thru and brine. Malachite purposes: malachite do the stone not durable, low hardness. Can't save for a long time good luster. Can only be used as beads and brooch, and russians with malachite to building interior decoration materials.
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